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Who We Are

KM - Knowledge Management is a pioneering and multidisciplinary platform dedicated to the formation, promotion and dissemination of scientific knowledge. Acting as a reference editorial hub, both nationally and internationally, KM stands out for its continuous and thematic publication, always under the supervision of a highly qualified team made up of professors, researchers and professionals in the areas of social and health sciences.

KM aims to:
  • i. Promote scientifically validated knowledge.
  • ii. Provide added value for the academic, professional and personal development of our recipients
  • iii. Offer comprehensive training, from defining topics to discussing data.

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About Us

Who We Are

KM goes beyond traditional companies in the sector. It offers clients a complete training program, covering everything from science communication to ethical and deontological procedures. In addition, it covers topics such as research design, choice of magazines/newspapers and bibliographic reference software. The entire research process is meticulously controlled and evaluated by experts in scientific promotion and dissemination.

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The world of research is full of challenges. Many researchers, despite having vast knowledge, face barriers when producing and publishing their articles. Technical language, effective communication with the scientific community and society, and even scientific illiteracy, are frequent obstacles. KM solves this problem by providing two services(s).

S1. Knowledge Promotion

Exclusive Mentoring:A team of experts dedicated to guiding researchers at each stage of the process, from conception to publication..
Personalized Training: Individual and group training, focused on the best practices in the scientific world.
Prestigious Publication: Start with our open access journal, recognized for its scientific integrity, and move on to renowned journals such as SCOPOUS® and WEB OF SCIENCE®.
Science Events: : Stand out on the scientific scene through events organized by KM, where researchers can present their validated investigations.

S2. Knowledge Dissemination

Open Repository: Free and immediate access to quality scientific publications.
Global Integration:Dissemination in several open access databases and scientific platforms.
Events:: Organization of seminars, workshops, congresses and colloquia, both scientific and non-scientific.
Scientific Marketing: Offer support in the creation of promotional materials, such as posters, flyers and articles, to ensure that your research reaches the desired audience.

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Meet our team

KM – Knowledge Management is an academic company with multiple university connections led by its mentor, Professor Ricardo Pocinho accompanied by a team of Professors, Researchers and Professionals from different areas of knowledge and with representation on all continents

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